November 10, 2010

Make your own animated ad!

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FYI: There is a "Call For Entry" for Convergence III-presented by the ISGB. Click here for details.
It looks very interesting, I may need put in a submission myself!

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I just posted a simple tutorial of how to make animated ads! I will post it here but it will also be available on my new Tutorial page. It's my first tutorial but there will be more to come!

How To Make Animated Ads

gif animation creator

Create eye-catching animated ads just like the ones you’ve seen on Craftopolis and Indiefixx.

There are numerous on-line programs you can use for creating your own animated ads. For this tutorial I chose to use but you’ll find most programs generally all work the same way.

I will make an animated ad that is 150 x 200 pixels, using 3 images.

1: Select your best 3 images that you would like to use for your ad.

2: The 3 images must be the same size. You will need to crop and/or resize your images so they are 150x200 pixels. Any photo editing program will do this.

3: Once all your images are the same pixel dimension you may want to add text to your images. A shop name is usually all you need. If adding text remember your ad is animated and you may want to add text to all 3 images.

4: Now you need to upload your images to Click on Browse find your image in where it is saved on your computer, select it and click Open. Continue this for all your photos until all 3 images are listed in the image section.

5: Go down to where it says Size and Speed. You can select the sizing from a drop down list of standard sizes or you can go the Advanced and type in the width of your image to keep it the size you want. (the images height will be what you already saved it as based on the pixel width) So here I type in 150 (wide) in the box where it says your size.

6: Go to Speed and select how quick you want your ad to flip through the images. I find normal to be too fast, I generally use slow or slower. There is also an Advanced option if you want to select how many seconds you want your images to be static for before changing over to a new image. When you’re all set you can click on the Create Animation button below and there you have it! Your very own animated ad!

Your animated ad will appear for you to see along with the http:// addresses for the ad, the HTML code to use the ad for blogs/websites, and BBCode so the ad can be posted to forums/boards.

-Use images that are close-ups and grab your attention in a matter of seconds. (That’s all the time the viewer will have until the images changes over)
-Keep text to a minimum, your image will speak louder then words, if the viewer likes what they see they will click!

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