November 09, 2010

For the men in our lives....

With Christmas on its way I am once again plagued with the difficult task of shopping for the men in my family. I have to start thinking early if I want to find something that they will actual like and there’s an idea. The obvious choice for me is something handmade, that way it isn’t likely that they already have it, or if they do it will still be different from the one they may already own. Plus you can only get super cool stuff from artists….if you plan on hitting the mall your only going to find the same stuff in every store…but with a different label sewn boring is that. To get you thinking about what to shop for here are a few items from my personal shortlist.

COGnitive Creations

Flight Path Designs

Cosmic Firefly



QA Create

Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty
Zoe & Doyle

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