January 08, 2011

E-Book "A Beginners Guide To A Jewelers Workshop" by Jennifer Wood

I just completed my E-Book titled "A Beginners Guide To A Jewelers Workshop"

Everything you need to know when starting up a metalsmithing workshop.

E-Book PDF Format
23 Pages

This guide was made as a reference to help you start up your very own jewelers’ workshop. A jewelers’ workshop varies from one artist to another. This guide is based on the tools I use to make high quality sterling silver jewelry. Buying tools for the first time can be overwhelming. I know when I first started collecting tools for my jewelry studio I struggled with what tools to purchase first. The information I have shared is a basic guideline of what you should have in your workshop. All tools listed I use on a daily basis and find that without these tools I wouldn’t be able to make the jewelry that I make today.

Guide features 23 pages of information:

-basic jewelers workshop set-up (included topics such as ventilation and torch set-up
-tools and equipment lists along with tool decriptions and pictures
-design for building your own jewelers bench
-tips and tricks
-recommended reading
-ring blank chart, birthstone chart and ring size chart
-list and links to jewelry related suppliers, magazines, forums and organizations


or you can send payment to Jennifer Wood at riotdesigns@yahoo.ca Please don't forget to give me the email you would like the E-Book emailed too.

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