December 10, 2010

Spotlight: Katwise

Outstanding handmade clothing by designer Katwise!


I am Kat O'Sullivan, a free-spirited hitchhiking girl who has spent most of her life bumbling about the planet in search of senseless adventure and community.

These are my original hoodie designs, which have evolved with much love over the past 20 years of my wanderings. I try to infuse my work with the bohemian spirit in which I live my life. I know that sounds like a bunch of hippy drivel, but IT'S TRUE! haha.

I reckon I have vagabonded though close to 100 countries. I've spent years on the festival trail, following the Dead, mermaid parading, moshing, granfallooning, standing on my head in India, and just staring at the campfire. I have hitchhiked to Timbuktu, Kathmandu, Kalamazoo, and pretty close to Xanadu too...

For years and years I have funded my personal carnival by selling my patchwork gypsy wares.

I am a painter as well as a seamstress, and these sweaters are a combination of both of those passions. I think of the creations process as sort of "sweater expressionism". (okay, actually, i just made that term up when i was typing this, but, it seems about right.)

I have sewn literally thousands of sweaters in order to perfect my technique and arrive at this elf coat confection. These are rough and tumble garments, expertly tailored to last you through many years of rambling. Some of my sweaters have been around the world a few times, and only look better for the wear.

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