November 12, 2010

Spotlight: Laurie Goldstein

The Spotlight today is on ceramist Laurie Goldstein. Her work is exquisite so please have a look and visit her Website and Etsy Store.

Laurie Goldstein Teapot
"Think of a mug, the most intimate pot one can make; we look at it, we touch it, hold it and bring it to our lips to drink from. Something had attracted us to the one we chose: its look, its feel, maybe we were drawn to it by some memory or association it provoked.
Making functional pots grants me the rare privilege of being part of peoples' lives, through their daily rituals of eating and drinking, alone or in social settings. It allows me the pleasurable and sensual work with clay while applying my artistic, aesthetic and engineering skills. Ultimately, it lets me be a part, humbly, of the tradition of ceramics making."

-Laurie Goldstein

Laurie Goldstein-Cups

Laurie Goldstein-Jewelry Box

When Laurie Goldstein's family moved to Israel from New York, she was very concerned that she'd have to speak Hebrew
with her kids. Luckily, she was eight years old and still had enough time to learn the language before her kids would be born.

Her childhood experiences include being "the new kid in class" many times, watching her parents adjust to a new country, playing and fighting with her sister, a lot of dance classes, books, an artistic and cultural education from her parents and finally, her own love of making things, always.

After completing her bachelor's degree in set and costume design at Tel Aviv University, she set off to NYC to do a lot of drawing and ended up in the MFA program for theatre design at New York University. But then something happened that changed the course of events; she took a throwing class and fell in love with clay - completely.

Starry-eyed, she moved to a small town seven hours away from the city, in the snow belt of America, and spent the next two years passionately studying ceramics at Alfred University.

She came back to Israel, set up her own studio, joined "Altogether 8," a cooperative gallery in Jerusalem and has since participated in many exhibitions. She continues to make functional work and is committed to the ongoing quest of combining function, aesthetics and beauty.
Visit Laurie Goldstein's Website, Etsy Store, Blog (english readers), Blog,(hebrew readers)

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