November 04, 2010

Mug Shots...Smile!

I’m all about coffee in the morning. Nothing happens until I have my first morning cup. I am also a little obsessive over which cup I use. I have a wonderful handmade mug I picked up at a weekend craft market. Its perfect, low profile so it fits in my expresso machine yet its fat so I still get lots of coffee in there. It even has a thumb rest on the handle. Clearly this cup was made by a fellow java enthusiast like me. This particular mug is an essential part of my morning routine. The day wouldn’t be the same without it. That being said I am always on the hunt for another mug, an emergency mug. Just in case my favorite one breaks (God forbid). I have put together a collection of handmade mugs that I have recently discovered and thought were so beautiful they should be shared with you.


Lenny Mud

House Of Harriet

Natalya Sots

Vinyl Soul

Cynthia Vardhan

Bottoms Up!

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