October 26, 2010

Blog Launch!

Canny Belle

Welcome to my brand new blog called The Style Loop! I decided I wanted to share my love for the arts with everyone else who loves it as much as I do.

Some of the things that I’m really excited about for The Style Loop is the Featured Artist section found on the right hand side of this page. Each week I will select a fabulous artist to interview and then post it for everyone to view!

I will also have a draw each month where I will give away something handmade and totally fabulous. One thing I will promise is the draw will always be something worth dying for.

I am really excited about this new venture! There are so many talented artists out there and I really would like to feature as many as I can. Besides the weekly Featured Artist section I will blog about artists I have recently discovered or whom I have loved and respected for years. I will update you on any call for entries as well as talk about upcoming shows and exhibitions. I will basically blog anything art/craft related. So if you think this is what you want to peruse over your morning cup of java then please subscribe to The Style Loop.

Also, if you know of anyone that I should feature, a friend, or maybe you… (Come on now don’t be shy there is nothing wrong with a shameless plug) then email me a quick bit of info about you and some photos or links to your work and who knows maybe you could be featured next!

If you have an important gallery opening, exhibition or something worth bragging about (like an award or publishing) please let me know and I will include it in my blog.

P.S. The draw this month is for a handmade sterling silver ring titled “Eclipse” (made by me). You have to be a subscriber or follower to The Style Loop and you can enter the draw by simply emailing me your name and The Style Loop Draw in the subject line.  The winner will be announced November 30! And then there will be something new for Decembers draw.

Bye for now!

*send in your cause or kudos to riotdesigns@yahoo.ca for a mention on my blog.


  1. What a great blog - so much potential to grow. I just did a blog on you and Jannio.

  2. This has potential to be a great blog, I look forward to seeing what you make of it :)