October 28, 2010

Artful Home anyone?

Theresa Carson

WARNING! Before you read today's blog freeze your credit cards in a block of ice.

If you haven't heard of Artful Home then you are totally missing out. This website is the definition of fine craft.  From jewelry to furniture you will find unique artwork made of the highest quality. Whether your shopping for something different or just looking for inspiration, this is the site!

Artful Home isn't like Etsy or Artfire, its more like a high end gallery.

They are accepting artists on an on-going basis but you will have to go through a jury process etc. to sell there. Click here to learn more about selling.

One last note....they have a SALE on! 10% off art jewelry and apparel until Oct. 31, 2010. Use code JEWELRY2X at the checkout.

Artful Home

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  1. ohhh It's PRETTY!!! Thanks for sharing off to look a little closer.